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MIRACULUM was founded in 1924 in Krakow by a doctor, Dr. Leon Mirror . It was one of the first cosmetic companies in Poland, next to companies such as Max Factor and Helena Rubinstein.

MIRACULUM cosmetics have already been recognized at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1931, where the Company received GRAND PRIX for face powder.

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Already in the interwar period, the MIRACULUM offer included, among others: "elegant exotic powder by Dr. Mirrors, free from all poisonous metals, perfectly covering all skin imperfections ", Negrita oils" against too intense sunlight ", Ultrasol cream protecting against frost and sun, called" the miracle of cosmetic technology ", almond bran - the precursor of today's peeling, pencils for eyebrows and lips, nail polish and nail polish remover, and even Depilex - a preparation for mechanical removal of unnecessary hair. In 1955, luxury perfumes in glass bottles satisfied the appetite for "foreign luxury".

In 1971 - the Pani Walewska brand was introduced, one of the most famous  Polish cosmetic brands. The name of the brand Pani Walewska comes from the surname of Maria Walewska, a Polish aristocrat who lived at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, with whom Napoleon Bonaparte fell in love.